My name is Elliott. I'm a wedding videographer based in Wisconsin. Each year, I have the pleasure of documenting weddings for beautiful people all across the Upper Midwest.

I love celebrations, and I believe in the importance of family and the value of giving generously. My grandmother, my mother, and my experience in restaurants growing up taught me to be a good host, always looking to the needs of others and creating an environment of warmth and belonging. I carry that tradition on, both in my business and personal life. 

I go to great lengths to ensure that each of my clients receives a one-of-a-kind, luxury-standard experience with a videography team that is both technically proficient and emotionally intelligent.

I film discreetly and let the day unfold, forgoing excessive direction in favor of a nonintrusive, calming presence and allowing the brilliance of each piece of your celebration to shine through.


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